Yeah so I’d been beating off and thinking of my hot older brother Teddy for about two years by the time I was finally able to take a long hard look at his long hard cock. I was fourteen, just starting high school, and all I had done is beat off with my best friend Justin. One day I couldn’t stand it anymore and I reached over and grabbed Justin’s cock and started stroking it for him. He just moaned and slid further down on his back and watched me jacking his cock with furry.  He shifted his focus to my own pulsating rock hard cock and reached across my outstretched arm and began stroking me. We both exploded in a matter of minutes. At that moment I knew I was destined to be a cock lover.  Several minutes later I realized I was also destined to be a cock sucker.

Justin and I got progressively more and more gay with each other. By Christmas break we were fucking each other like rabbits. The day before I was supposed to leave on vacation with my family, Justin and I had one last good fuck session. I was lying next to him, covered in his cum, when he turned to me.

“Your brother Teddy is so fucking hot” Justin just blurted out as I was licking his cum off my fingers

“You should see him naked….” I replied

“He’s gotta a big cock… doesn’t he?” Justin whispered hopefully

“Fuck’in HUGE!” I replied with pride.

“You guys ever do anything hot together?” Justin asked as he started stroking his cum-covered hardening cock again

“Not yet…. But I do steal his sweaty jocks that he throws in his hamper after wrestling practice and beat off into them. Sometimes I put them back in the hamper… and sometimes I wear one to school the next day” I confessed

“Hot as fuck dude……” Justin moaned as I leaned over and took his stiff-as-steel cock half-way down my throat.

Twenty-four hours later my mom was opening up the hotel room that me and Teddy would be sharing while vacationing over Christmas break in Maui. Two fuck’in queen-size beds. I thought this might me my golden opportunity to make my move on my straight, fifteen-year old, athletic, totally ripped, jock of an older brother. It wasn’t the ideal situation, but I’d think of something. I spent the rest of the evening plotting out my strategy in my head.

At home, we had always had separate bedrooms. Yeah…… my parents have money and we live in a big house. Don’t hate. Anyway, I’ve never shared a room with him or any of my older brothers. As the youngest, with an odd number of kids, I usually wound up sleeping on a rolling bed in my parents hotel room in the past. Now that I was in high school, my OCD mom figured it was okay for me to share with Teddy. I was boned up thinking about the possibilities before we even left for the airport.

So we all went swimming after dinner. By ten o’clock we were back up in our hotel room. Teddy went to take a shower to rinse off all that strong chlorine. I waited nervously on the edge of my bed with a massive boner in my board shorts and a big fluffy hotel towel on my lap covering up my otherwise obvious rod. When Teddy came out with just a towel wrapped around his incredible chiseled and tanned waist and abs, I audibly sighed and felt my cock grow even harder. He crossed the room and didn’t even give me a second look. I stood up and took my time making my way towards the bathroom, hopeful that I’d catch a glimpse of his chiseled muscular jock-boy ass once he dropped the towel to slip on a pair of briefs. He flopped down on the bed in his towel and flipped on the television. I escaped to the confines of the bathroom, ripped off my shorts and fapped my cock into a creamy frenzy with the vision of my incredibly hot and sexy older brother Teddy, burned into my homoerotic memory. Within minutes I was leaning against the shower wall, again, licking the cum off my hands and fingers, basking in the afterglow of an amazing jack-off session thinking of all the things I wanted to do with and to my hot as fuck older brother. I wouldn’t have to wait too long.

Forty-five minutes later, I emerged from the hotel bathroom squeaky clean and down two loads of cum. I couldn’t help but indulge one more time in a hot fap, when I was all soaped up and still rock hard. Teddy was still lying on his bed. He had slipped on his briefs and was laying on his stomach watching some lame ass show on TV. My eyes were glued to his slightly upturned awesome chiseled bubble jock butt and his gorgeous muscular thighs, taut tapered waist, broad shoulders and a massive set of guns. I could feel my cock getting hard again as I focused on every sinewy muscle on his body. I only turned for a moment in order to stuff my rock hard bone into the semi-safety of a pair of briefs and gym shorts. I slid under my covers and just stared at my older brother’s body as I slowly stroked my blanket and comforter-covered exposed cock. Teddy was oblivious to what I was doing as he watched the closing credits. He then flipped off the television, jumped up, and stretched and yawned. His bulging basket was gonna throw me over the edge. I closed my eyes just as he glanced over at me.

“You asleep already Con…..?” Teddy whispered

“Kinda……” I softly relied

“Night bro” he whispered back as he walked across the room and into the bathroom.

He didn’t close the door as he took one last piss before bed. Thinking of him holding that big fat beautiful cock of his, while hearing that strong, long stream of piss hit the water with full force, threw me over the edge. I moaned softly as I blasted another massive load of cum into my stroking palm just as Teddy flushed and started washing his hands. I lapped up the huge wad of jizz in the palm of my hand as he emerged from the bathroom. I closed my eyes as he walked over to his bed. I could have sworn I saw him cock his head and take a long drawn breath in. It’s as if he could smell my cum in the air. Through the squint of my eyes, I saw him look over at me before he hopped into his bed and reached up to turn off the lamp between us. I heard him rustle around a bit under his covers before the room grew eerily silent.

I laid there for fifteen or more minutes just listening to my brother breathe. I was running my fingers up and down my semi-hard dick when I heard Teddy shift again in his bed and throw back his covers. I held my breath and didn’t move a muscle as I strained to see what Teddy was doing in the dark. He kept shifting around on top of his mattress, legs and arms moving restlessly. He sighed loudly and turned on his side. I opened my eyes half-way and looked over at my gorgeous brother. He had stripped off his briefs and was lying with his back to me completely nude. I slowly moved to the edge of my own bed so I could get a better look at that incredible ass of his in the dark. I tried to be extra quiet just to be sure I wouldn’t cause him to move a muscle. I laid there in sheer awe as my handsome, sexy brother, with an ass of Adonis lay naked and sleeping just a few feet away from me. My brain was electrified with all the things I wanted to do at that very moment. You can only imagine the state of my throbbing, oozing, achingly hard cock.

Although it seemed like hours, a few minutes later, I heard a sound I knew all too well. Teddy was stroking his cock and making that cock-hardening fapping sound we all know too well when engaged in full, long, ball-slapping strokes. I quietly threw back my own covers and began stroking my own cock. I could hear him shift on his mattress top and make small muffled moans as he worked his meat just beyond my view. His shifting and flexing ass muscles were giving me plenty of fuel for my own fire. Suddenly and without warning, Teddy turned sharply on his back. He pulled his feet up the mattress and raised his hips, lifting that hot chiseled jock-boy ass slightly up and into the air. The light of the moon was now illuminating his form like an angel. I watched in awe, both eyes wide open, as my handsome, sexy, homoerotic and cock-stimulating athlete jock brother of mine pistoned his massive rock-hard cock in and out of his tight gripping right hand. I was lost in a fapping frenzy of my own, finally realizing my countless fantasies over the last two-and-a-half years. I hadn’t even noticed that Teddy had turned his head and was looking right at me as he edged closer and closer. When I eventually scanned back up his body, I almost screamed and jumped out of my skin when my eyes met his.

“Con……..?” Teddy gasped

“Yeah…….? I moaned

“You wanna come over closer…..” Teddy almost pleaded

I didn’t audibly answer. I lept from my bed and crashed down next to him without missing a stroke. I was in homo heaven. He reached for me as I reached for him. As I wrapped my hand around my brother’s thick, steel- hard, towering cock, I began to stroke him with reckless abandon.

“Slower bro……… You’re gonna make me cum.” Teddy whispered

“K…….but I want to make u cum Teddy….. I want you to cum a lot……” I moaned into his ear as he slid closer to me.

“Yeah?…… You wanna make cum little bro? Teddy hissed in my ear

“Yeah……. Like blast a massive load big bro………” I almost licked his ear in reply

“Where do you want me to blast it bro……?” Teddy groaned as he twisted his torso in my direction.

“All over me bro…….” I moaned in pre-orgasmic ecstasy.

"Fuck…. that’s so hot Con" Teddy replied

“What if I was to………” I started to say as Teddy crushed his lips against mine and shoved his tongue down my throat

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm” I moaned as we kissed passionately.

We kept stroking each other’s cocks as we got the other close and instinctually knew when to back off. We kissed with full open mouths and tongues wrestling for control. We each turned to face the other, our legs inter-twined and our cocks now grinding against each others, our hand firmly gripping and stroking our fused cocks as one. I couldn’t believe my wildest fantasy was actually coming true as I basked in this new and forbidden bond I had formed with the love of my life. When the reality of it all hit me, I knew what I had to do.

I threw my head back sharply when I was finally able to get Teddy to take a breath. I pushed my body back against his, as I untwisted my legs from his. Our mutual stroking slowed as Teddy struggled to understand what was happening. By the time he did I broken connection him altogether…. Just momentarily……

“Conn?………….” Teddy asked bewilderly

“Lay back” I replied as Teddy shifted on his back.

I flipped 180 degrees around and was finally inches from what I coveted for as long as I could remember. Teddy was just about to ask another question as I engulfed his beautiful, throbbing horse-hung cock in my mouth and down my throat. All that practice with Justin was about to pay off…

“Jesus Fuck’in Christ Conn……..Where did you learn how to…………?” Teddy attempted to finish saying as I had him finally buried balls-deep in my sucking mouth and throat muscles milking that fat long bone…..

Teddy put both hands on my head as he lifted his torso again, making sure he didn’t throw off the momentum I was building. His breathing grew erratic as I continued to give him what I imagined to be the best head of his life so far. He moaned and groaned as I worked his cock like it was meant to be worshiped. I felt him twist and turn his torso until he could take my own flailing cock into his warm, sucking mouth. We moaned in unison as we settled into a short, yet satisfying sixty-nine-ing rhythm. Within minutes we reached the point of no return.

“Uhnnnngggggnnnnnn…………………….” Teddy moaned as his big cum-bloated bull-balls pulled up close to his massive meat.

“Ahhhhhhhnnnnnnnmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………” I replied as I felt my jizz make its move.

Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……..” Teddy almost screamed if his mouth hadn’t been stuffed with my pulsating cock.

Aaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….” I groaned as blast after blast started shooting out of my cock and filling Teddy’s sucking mouth and throat……

Gggrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………..” Teddy growled over and over as he struggled to swallow my copious load and simultaneously was exploding his own hot, sweet, white cum out of his blasting pistoning cock and down my throat.

We both seemed as if we’d never stop shooting, shaking, and/or guzzling as we cupped the other’s ass cheeks in our hands and pulled each other so close, our noses were buried in each other’s pubes. We milked each other cocks for what seemed like an eternity, not wanting to let the other one go. We finally flipped on our backs and laid there, momentarily satiated, in stunned silence. I couldn’t resist suckling one last time on Teddy spent, yet still semi-hard cock. Teddy giggled and shifted a bit due to his sensitive state. He coaxed me away from his addictive cock and pulled me up towards him. His lips touched mine as I wrapped my arms around his strong chest and back.

“Conn……? Teddy whispered to me

Yeah……….? I replied back softly

“I love you bro……..” Teddy said slowly and deliberately.

“I love you more……..” I replied as I nuzzled him as close as I could possibly get.

We resumed kissing. It was the beginning of our life-long love affair that still lives a life of its own, now, over four years later…….

“Lemme know when you’re ready to go again little bro……..” Teddy whispered in my ear

He didn’t have time to hear my answer………… That ass…. That hard, chiseled, muscular, jock-boy ass was next on my list, along with that sweet pink hole I had dreamed about, night after night. It was time to explore the very essence of what made my masculine, sexy, hot-as-fuck, brother so irresistible to me. I crawled down between his muscular thighs and lifted his ripped striated quads. Teddy groaned as I dove my head down between his legs and attacked that ass.

It was gonna be long but very satisfying night for us both……………

TO BE CONTINUED…………………………….    

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